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Ruth Teague Operations Coordinator

Ruth Teague

Operations Coordinator

Ruth is an invaluable member of the Summit Clean team, having been with the company since its inception. With her extensive background in customer service and team leadership, she brings a wealth of experience to our organization. Ruth's diverse work history, spanning across retail, beauty, disability services, and over 15 years of experience working in her family business, showcases her adaptability and broad skill set.

Her training as a nail technician, coupled with her years of experience as a housecleaner, has honed her keen eye for detail, ensuring that every cleaning project meets the highest standards of quality. Additionally, her time in the disability industry has equipped her with the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively lead a team of staff, while her patience and understanding enable her to handle any challenges that may arise.

Ruth's approachable and friendly yet professional demeanor resonates with both our clients and her colleagues. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her meticulous attention to detail have played a significant role in Summit Clean's growth and success. We are fortunate to have Ruth as an integral part of our team, and we look forward to her continued contributions in shaping the future of Summit Clean.

Trish Rayner Team Leader

Trish Rayner

Team Leader

Trish is an extraordinary member of our team, bringing a wealth of experience and versatility to her role. With an impressive 16-year background in housecleaning and commercial cleaning, she has honed her skills to perfection, ensuring that every space she tends to shines with immaculate cleanliness and meticulous attention to detail.

What sets Trish apart is her multifaceted career journey, which includes 18 years as a skilled hairdresser, during which she successfully owned her own business for five years. This entrepreneurial experience demonstrates her dedication, business acumen, and a strong work ethic.

In addition to her cleaning and salon expertise, Trish has made meaningful contributions to the aged care industry. Her time in this field has cultivated her compassion and patience, skills that are invaluable in understanding and assisting those in need.

Trish's diverse skill set, combined with her compassionate nature, enriches our team and enhances the quality of service we provide. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and experienced professional as Trish on board, and her remarkable journey reflects her unwavering commitment to excellence and care in every endeavor she pursues.

Bruno Silva Team Leader

Bruno Da Silva

Team Leander

Grant Strange State Operations Manager

Grant Strange

State Operations Manager

Mauricio Costa Southern Operations Manager

Mauricio Costa

Southern Operations Manager

Mauricio has been working in management roles since 2013 and completed his MBA in 2019 in Brisbane. Mauricio has relevant experience in the cleaning industry, working as a cleaner and supervisor in Brisbane while completing his MBA. Some of his experience includes, scheduling, task delegation, managing and measuring performance and safety and supporting his team to drive productivity and efficiency.

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Matthew Collings Chief Executive Operations

Matthew Collings

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew has over twenty years’ experience within the commercial cleaning industry and started in the family business as a young man, performing cleaning duties, in particular during spring cleaning times while studying at University.

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Kimberli Collings Director

Kimberli Collings


Sue Watson Administration Manager

Sue Watson

Administration Manager

Chloe Goss Receptionist Admin

Chloe Goss

Receptionist Admin

Having worked for Collings for more than two years, Chloe is an integral part of our administration team.

Maintaining an organised and welcoming office environment is one of her responsibilities.

She welcomes visitors and assists with a wide range of administrative tasks.

Jenn Walker Admininstration

Jenn Walker








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