Matthew Collings


Matthew has over twenty years’ experience within the commercial cleaning industry and started in the family business as a young man, performing cleaning duties, in particular during spring cleaning times while studying at University.

Matthew moved on to perform an administrative role, as well as looking after all IT requirements of the company, while continuing to perform cleaning duties when required. Matthew then moved on to a supervisory role, looking after several sites for the organisation.

Later moving onto an Operations Manager role, Matthew worked alongside David Collings, learning all aspects of managing cleaning sites, staff and the overall functions of the organisation. After three years in this role, Matthew moved into the role as General Manager and took overall responsibility for the Company. Matthew was in this role for six years before purchasing the Company and becoming Director in 2016.

Matthew launched Summit Clean in 2021 to allow us to better deliver our services to both the construction and rental industries.


  • Bachelor of Computing (University of Tasmania)
  • Aspiring Manager (Institute of Management, TCCI)
  • Management System Auditing (International Standards Certifications)
  • Tender with the Big guys (BSCAA VIC)
  • Cleaning Hygiene Improvement Process (Interclean)